IGN reveal new details on Shadow The Hedgehog

IGN reveal new details on Shadow The Hedgehog

IGN have recently posted another preview of the eagerly awaited Shadow the Hedgehog, writer Jeremy Dunham records positive impressions of the early version of the game, as well as disclosing more details relating to the gameplay style. A link to the article has been posted to the left.

New details from this article include more information on the weapons, further emphasis on branching storyline and the games faithfulness it felt to that of the Sonic Adventure series.

After Shadow The Hedgehog was announced earlier this year there, instant worry and negative concerns were raised in many communities, however as further details have emerged fans have been left with a more enthusiastic approach to the game.

Shadow The Hedgehog will be featured at the upcoming E3 Expo and is scheduled for a release before the end of the year. Check back at SONIC NEWS for the latest details as they emerge.

Thanks to Professor Machenstein for posting a link to this article at SSMB.

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