Shadow The Hedgehog Release Info Announced

Shadow The Hedgehog Release Info Announced

Sega has announced that Shadow The Hedgehog will be making its way to all 3 major video game consoles, the Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 2, and Nintendo GameCube. The game will be released this winter and will be developed by Sega Studios USA.

“Since we first introduced him in [2001’s] Sonic Adventure 2, we have wanted to feature Shadow in his own game,” said Takashi Iizuka, game director, SEGA Studio USA. “We maintained Shadow as a mysterious character and now fans can control his destiny…”

Just like in Sonic Adventure 2, players can choose different paths. They can choose to make Shadow a hero, or make him a villain. The game will feature multiple endings from what path the player chooses.

Shadow will have 50 missions to race and shoot enemies through, along the way he will fight aliens, the G.U.N. army, and Dr. Eggman. He’ll unlock his past and mysteries along the way. Stay tuned to Sonic News for more information on this game and more!

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