li3k, an UpDat!

li3k, an UpDat!

Got a press release from SEGA today – TakeTwo Interactive has effectively bought out Visual Concepts and Kush Games. For those that don’t really care or know (that’s everyone outside of America, then), they are the SEGA divisions that brought us the Sports 2K Series. The acquisition will see SEGA no longer owning the developer’s rights to these games. TakeTwo and SEGA are also apparently going to work together to bring Visual Concepts games to arcades – be it Sports 2K or something else we dunno. Finally, the agreement will apparently include SEGA publishing and distributing the 2K series in Japan and Asia. I’ll post the whole press kaboodle on the SSMB later.

And while we’re here, at TSS we’re really beginning to Feel the Magic, as ‘Project Rub’ draws ever closer to the UK. We’ve included music and OST information for, not only the new PSO Soundtrack, NOT only the rarity Sonic Team Unplugged Live LP, but the rare promotional Japanese Feel the Magic CD Booklet too! Get in! I’ll add the MP3s to the FTP Service soon enough – understand we cannot offer MP3 downloads on the main site because of space and bandwidth limitations.

What with the whole Yuji Naka making a new Sonic game thing and all, remember we showed you the first exclusive scan of the news story in NOM, only at TSS? Well, we got more scans from that magazine – a Feel the Magic Preview and an Interview with Yojiro Ogawa, producer of Feel the Magic (he has LOTS of cool interesting things to say!). We also got extensive US Box Art Scans too! Get yo’ asses to those links to the left there, under “Latest Updates” and check ’em out!

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