TSS Compo Winners, New SSMB Skin

TSS Compo Winners, New SSMB Skin

Just a quick update, the TSS Competition’s over and done with. Winners have been picked! Congrats to the winners and well done and thanks to all those peeps who have taken part and entered. The response was great, but slightly timid, which could be applied to the amount of effort needed to do to enter – usually something I don’t do, but I thought it’d be fun to do something elaborate, y’know?

Competition 1: Where you had to take pictures of you celebrating TSS one way or another.
Top Prize: Psychobob
Runner-up: Sonic Neo
Booby Prize: Flash2000

Competition 2: The Voice Impression contest.
Top Prize: Melody (Cream)
Runner-up: Flash2000 (Big)
Booby Prize: Adam Riza (Tails/Chaotix)

More details can be found here: http://www.sonicstadium.org/history/index.php?id=birthday

I’m wanting the winner’s contact addresses, so I can send you all your prizes, naturally. 😛 Just email me with your address, and if you won a top prize, which top prize you would like (check the link above for the full range of prizes you can choose).

More News: It is indeed true that B’man and I are working on improving TSS for 2005. This will involve many new features exclusive and unique to a Sonic site such as this, including member account integration with the TSS website (simply use your SSMB account and you will be able to log into TSS), the ability to post reviews and comments without waiting for an update (although all submissions will be screened), more funkyness of pages, and allowing for much much more information than we can put in at the present time. You’ll love it. You have so far. 😀

Christmas Update News: Expect a Christmas update to the SSMB soon, plus an extra Christmas gift for many of the long-standing members here. Tomorrow/Christmas Eve, perhaps.

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