Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

Yep, the Sonic Site Awards 2004 Ceremony will be kicking off in less than 8 hours!
5:00pm GMT is the ‘GO’ time for when TSS officially begins it’s fourth anniversary!

A quick round-up of what is to come today, tomorrow, and during the rest of next week (TSS’ Birthday + Half Term = Longer Celebration Period :D).

– SSMB Revamps with special TSS Default Skin.

– Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004: Hosted by Dreadknux & Roareye
– The SSA Ceremony will also kick-start a brand new series of “The Sonic Hour”
– Straight after the SSA Ceremony, is SpawnofSonic and the Sonic Top 8! [*] – SEGASonic Radio officially merges it’s 24/7 and LiVECAST stations into one.
– =TSS= opens ‘Events’ Page on the main site as a guide to what’s happening.
– =TSS= Launches the Activities…

So, what ARE the activities? Well, you can be the VERY first to know the details!

To celebrate TSS’ 4th Birthday, The Sonic Stadium wants you to celebrate as well. The activities mentioned are really competitions. I’m talking real competitions here. Win-stuff-prizes. There will be TWO different competitions to enter, each with a top prize, a runner-up prize and a Booby Prize.


Challenge 1:
Your objective here is to primarily celebrate The Sonic Stadium’s 4th Birthday. In public. Get out there on the streets or down your high street and do something visual and inspired to celebrate TSS’ 4th. We will offer a printable poster for you to use later today (Thanks Bailey for the fantastic art and poster work), and you will also be able to print off a =TSS= small logo for “labelling” purposes. So, what exactly CAN you do to celebrate in public? Use your imagination – an example I thought up, was labelling a Birthday Cake with the TSS logo, and getting some friends (or random guys down the town) to blow out the candles. Or maybe doing crazy stunts in town (maybe even grind on some rails if you’ve got some SOAP shoes!) while either holding your printed TSS poster or having it placed on your top or T-Shirt. If you’re mad enough, the possibilities are endless! Inspire us!

Now, your celebration has to be photo-evident, so you have to take a photo of what you’re doing and email it to me to qualify. Your celebration MUST have either the =TSS= logo, or poster printout (what’s the point in celebrating TSS’ 4th if there isn’t anything to do with TSS in your photo? :P).

Top Prize: A choice of: The new Sonic Underground 10 DVD Boxset; Sonic Heroes (on a format of your choice); Sonic Mega Collection (GC); Sonic Adventure DX (GC); or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GC).
Runner-up Prize: A Gamepro Sonic Adventure 2 Figure. Sonic.
Booby Prize: A £20 Novelty Sonic Banknote.


Challenge 2:
This competition is strictly audial, and the aim here is pretty much do your best impression of any chosen Sonic character. It can be any character in any of the Sonic verses; just be sure to label your entries so we know who the worse ones are trying to be 😀 A regular spot on SEGASonic Radio will keep tabs on the entries and competitions. Obviously, there are going to be a few people who can do some decent impressions, but we’re looking to be entertained aswell; say a few lines of comedic value to your chosen character that we can believe in and you get extra kudos. Your impression must include mention of TSS’ 4th Birthday, and don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!

Top Prize: A choice of: Sonic X Original Soundtrack; Sonic Heroes: Complete Trinity OST; Sonic Adventure 1 Original Soundtrack; Multi-Dimensional: Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack; or Cuts Unleashed: Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Album.
Runner-up Prize: A mint condition copy of Sonic 1 on the Game Gear [Japanese Version] Booby Prize: …. The MOTHER of all Evils… Sonic Jam… on the GAME.COM!


All competition details will be mentioned when the ‘Events’ page goes live, after the SSA Ceremony. The Events page will provide you with information, printables for Challenge 1, and Closing Dates (Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time! :))

Next Week:
– =TSS= Special Update: SUPER Sonic Scansday
– SSA Awards go online
– SEGASonic Radio website changes for merged stations
– FastFeet Media Returns
– FastFeet Media Forums are added to the SSMB
– BitTorrent System added to FastFeet Media (Soon)
– Sega Sonic: TV – Online Sonic TV Station!

NOW you know why I’ve been in hiding for some weeks, lol. ^_^;
I REALLY hope you can all make it to the SSA Ceremony, I’d love the company.
Remember, as we always used to do on The Sonic Hour, Roareye and myself will be checking the activity on the IRC TSS Chatroom.

In order to log into the TSS Chatroom, you can click the following link:

Or you can use mIRC or another IRC Client, using the details below:
Port: 6667
Channel: #sonicstadium

Here’s to another 4 years of TSS! 🙂

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