Games Section, TSS’ 4th…

Games Section, TSS’ 4th…

Well, basically, if the content pages of some Game sections look messed up, just bear with it. We’re in the midst of modifying the Game Section to make it more accessible to you, and the first game pages to use this new system is the newly announced Feel the Magic and Sonic 1 on Mega Drive. On another note, the SSMB Forums are undergoing a makeover for it’s 3rd Birthday, and we’re preparing things for both Halloween and TSS’ FOURTH Birthday on the 24th October – which also brings the Awards Ceremony of the Sonic Site Awards. More details to appear on the Official SSA Website tomorrow. Should really update that banner rotation too while I’m at it.

As for the SAGE Coverage, due to everything going on and the apparent lack of things on show at the event, I don’t think I will be making a Coverage report this time. Sorry guys @ SAGE and the boothists – however I DID manage to interview Mj2 and The Dying Informant; the amazing people behind Chaos Control, one of the most anticipated Fan Games in production. That interview will be going up in a few days, regardless.

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