Sonic Team, and proof that we listen to you…

Sonic Team, and proof that we listen to you…

Yo. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the time to update an awful lot, and today’s update consists of the rest of the submitted ‘presents’ handed to me on my 19th Birthday. You can find the link to the page below, or within the Site History page. Sonic Team Inc has ‘folded’ and re-integrated back into SEGA as an internal studio rather than it’s own independent studio, and frankly this could do more good than harm, if any harm was apparent. Sonic Team will keep their identity within SEGA too, and SEGA as a whole will return to it’s former glory during the Mega Drive days.

Excited? Oh you better bloody well be. Speaking of former glories, the reason why hardly any updates has occured is because what you suggested to improve The Sonic Stadium over the last few months will finally come into fruition. Remember some time ago I personally invited TSS visitors to come to me and detail their thoughts on the site, and ideas for major improvement, be it content, information or even regular updating (Ooooh, irony strikes! ^_^;)?

Well, I told you back then things will be far from ready – I am now in the position to tell you that soon it will be ready – the amalgamation of everything you’ve suggested to improve the site will happen very soon (probably not all at once, but you’ll know when the changes will start happening, definitely); these include a better navigation system, easy access to updates and Sonic News headlines on the main page, a heavier involvement on information updating (the Sonic X section was especially noted by you guys), and a better way for Sonic Games content to be accessed on the site (at this moment in time all the game content, including game media such as screens and box art, can only be reached via the ‘Game Archive’ section).

Get ready, because a few select people have seen a preview of the changes and they all think it rocks the earth. The Sonic Stadium – back to it’s former glory – in a matter of weeks at the very latest. Hang tight…

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