You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

Hands up those who thought the old ZX Spectrum was dead? Oh, a lot of hands there. Well, I don’t blame you. But, thanks to some talented guys online, Sonic is set to hit the classic 1980’s UK micro computer! No lie. Of course, it’s not SEGA, but rather some groovy Spectrum enthusiasts giving a go of porting Sonic 1 (the 8-Bit Master System/Game Gear version) onto the Speccy. Click here to check out Sonic ZX, and thanks to Psychobob for finding this webpage. As well as looking to the future of console gaming, it seems Sonic is also speeding backwards through time too.

Aside from that surprising but cool news, this is a pretty boring period for us Sonic fans isn’t it? I mean, at least the Americans got Sonic Advance 3 a few weeks back. PSO III: CARD Revolution is out now in stores, but only in GAME stores (bunch of butchers… gimme a freckin’ job!), so until the 25th June (Sonic Advance 3’s UK release) we’re just sitting on our thumbs here for something Sonic-y.

What we’ve managed to do instead, is get the Articles section up and alive again. Which is wonderful. No doubt my recent article sparked a lot of discussion, not least on the SSMB itself, but whatever your stance on the subject it’s got you all talking. Two fan articles have been submitted to us, and can be found in the Articles section right now. If you enjoyed my articles so far, you can check the TSS Reviews for the games in the Game Archive – I wrote all ‘dem.

Aside from all that, I’ve changed the link to the Chat Room at last, and the link to the FTP Service page has been altered – both links now head to FastFeet Media, a new site in The Sonic Stadium Network. FastFeet Media is the backbone of the TSS FTP Service, and the link now goes directly to the new locally hosted site for all your queries about uploading and downloading. FastFeet also hosts TSS’ Java Chat Applet now, nice of them eh? Make sure you check FastFeet Media out, as well as the other sites in the TSS Network like Sonic Spriters NetworkShadow Team and SEGASonic Radio. You can find links to all the sites in the TSS Network on the main splash page – click the button beside the banner adverts in the top of every page to get there.

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