History Pages Updated

History Pages Updated

You know, it’s good to go back and reminisce sometimes. For me, a guy who’s worked hard on a website for three years running, one particular thought comes to mind is “It’s amazing how far TSS has come”… and “Why the hell did I make so many site layouts in the first place?” Today I’ve only felt inclined to let you take a trip back with me to memory lane – The Old Site Layouts page has been revamped; images now replace the proper HTML source, for two reasons. For one thing, it stops people nicking my effing stuff with any luck, and secondly it’s a lot easier to browse if you’re a visitor. Plus you don’t need to see all the pages and stuff, which is why you see the main page evolution, along with anecdotes of the whole layout itself through the ages. Sonic News has had the same treatment, check it out on the new Old Site Layouts page. … Did you know this is the 12th Sonic Stadium layout design? o_O;…

Oh and if you fancy having an advertisement for your own website on TSS, while helping to support us at the same time, then click here – the new Sonic Stadium Banner Rotation Service.

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