Yeah, as it stands at this moment, I’m redesigning Eggman Tug as an engine overhaul, however I’m hoping to add some new characters and such soon.

First of all, this engine has been rebuilt from scratch so that I can avoid any glitches present in the original. It’s still quite early (I’ve only been working on it for two days) but the two player (including character and level select) works and the animations are flowing well. The only problem is that some characters are out of sync (since they require a different rope I’ve not yet implemented) and that they’re only the right height on Eggman’s level (as I’ve merged all the levels into one, same with all the menu’s being one level).

I know how to fix these problems, and how I’m going to implement the solo play mode, but of course I’ve not yet had time to do them. These should take me a day or two hopefully, meaning a game remade in a week… not exactly spectacular. So I’m going to be adding things, such as new characters and levels, which means the game will then be a vast improvement over the original.

It’s not really a sequel, since it’s the same basic game of tug-o’-war, but the main point until I add the new features is that it now feels more complete. People mentioned that the last ‘complete’ version of Eggman Tug felt more like a quickly bombed out demo, well since I’ve been working on my programming, I can safely say that even though it’s unfinished, it FEELS more finished than the original.

Also, as a side addition, I’ve decided to add something for the people who’s eyes have no love (don’t quote me on wtf I’m going on about there :P) but as well as the usual 320X200 pixel screen size (which I’ve had a few complaints about here and there) I’m also allowing the game to enlarge the image size with the window. Of course, this leads to some pixelising of the imagery but at least people can’t moan at me about screen size 😛

Hope you like the look of the game. I’ll actually leave it up to you. Post your thoughts and also whether you’d like me to just finish the upgraded engine or whether you’d prefer me to add a host of extras.

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