The Sonic Stadium Server Switch (TSSSS, eh?)

The Sonic Stadium Server Switch (TSSSS, eh?)

Whee, look at that, we finally got our arses in gear and sorted this place out server-wise. For the time being I’ve removed the comments system and stuff, simply because the comments were being abused and the system we were using was crap. =D Sorry if pages seem ill-placed or if any errors pop up, we’re still sorting everything about, and are currently putting into action some things that you wanted changed on TSS to make it a better place: you can see this already implemented in the new look Games section, so be sure to check that out.

Next is the SSMB and Sega Sonic Radio, then Shadow Team and then sorting pre-Sonic Site Awards 2004 stuff out as well as sorting out the TSS Account stuff during all of this – not got a lot of stuff to do, eh? 🙂 But for now, I’m going to be sitting pretty for a few days for a break – that and E3 kind of prevents anyone from thinking straight. New Legend of Zelda game, wheee! ^_^ That Nintendo DS is so mine. Anyway, I’ll leave to prevent this place becoming a Nintendo fansite instead, lol. Update soon.

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