The Sonic Stadium Message Board

The Sonic Stadium Message Board

By the time you read this, the world’s best loved Sonic community will return in all it’s former glory – it’s been a troublesome last month or so (had it really only been that short a time?) but the SSMB has shifted course from the ezBoard back onto local servers. No Ads. No Slowdown. Just classic SSMB. Make sure you read the rules before you actually register (it’s on the first page you see actually, so there’s no reason not to), and make sure you can actually type half decent and not like a dribbling baby.

Anyway, in other news, Sega Sonic Radio’s website will be revamped during the weekend, and then the first words on The Sonic Site Awards 2004 will be announced! Bet you cannae wait. Anyway, the new SSMB and SSR will tide you over the whole weekend and Bank Holiday, and then some, so enjoy what there is for now. Tata. ^_^

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