Well, here’s our refuge for now…

Well, here’s our refuge for now…

This ezBoard’s changed a bit, innit? o_O;
Just a shame I can’t mess about with the templates, or make this a sticky topic. Ah well.

The reason, if you need another one, of why we’re here is the fact that obviously everyone must be getting REALLY pissed off with the hacker (not even worthy of a mentioning of the name) spamming you, changing your username and whatnot.

We’re fed up with it too. The ezBoard is pretty rock solid. It’s all on a free networked server, available to all to post and stuff. The ezBoard staff would knacker ‘Slimy G’ (wow, what a name, I wish I thought of it) before he got a chance.

So, until we manage to switch servers to a more secure one, here’s where we’ll be. Safe and snug. The jury’s still out on whether to keep the current database, what with the millions of ‘losers’, ‘Dreadknuxs’, ‘Unknowns’ and ‘Dark Sonics’ there are crammed in there. The most annoying thing about that is the fact that people only register an account to lurk – so naturally they don’t do anything to help the situation when the time comes.

So, let’s get back in the nostalgic mood, whip out those old post counts of old, and look – all those age-old topics back to greet us too XD

Finally, let’s get a role call of mods and admins in this place.

– Myself (Dreadknux)
– Sonic_Hedgehogs

– Rainbow Hedgehog
– Ryu Hedgehog
– Egghog
– Ultimate VG

Ah, golden oldies indeed. I don’t really see any point in modifying this list, unless there’s a real call for it, so just sit back and enjoy your time here. 🙂 Oh, and make good use of those Sonicons!

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