Sonic X – Woo, it’s not the end after all. Sort of.

Sonic X – Woo, it’s not the end after all. Sort of.

Well, as most people in the UK know, CiTV were showing Sonic X on Wednesdays. Cool, but a bit of a bugger after Fox Kids decided to show it 4:30pm every day a week or so ago.

Episode 13 has passed and gone, and it seems both Fox Kids and CiTV don’t want to go past it, as Fox Kids are already showing repeats.

CiTV will be showing reruns of Sonic X starting Monday at 3:40pm every day, AND it won’t be the 5-minute cut version. It will be the 25 minute long, as-long-as-the-US-version… version.

Who knows if FK and CiTV plan on showing more? I reckon CiTV are playing a set of reruns to attract people who missed out the first time, or just want to see the extra ‘uncut’ version, then continuing the series. Which would be a good idea.

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