Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

First off, the response to the Sonic Scansday has gone, for the most part, pretty well. Remember if you have any magazine adverts, old artwork from comics and mags, comic scans or other print media that can be scanned, be sure to wing them our way. On the back of this, some people who don’t seem to like Sonic can’t understand that if you don’t like Sonic, then you shouldn’t be here. These people’s behaviour is what’s scientifically known as “Being A Dumbarse”. Here are the rewards from this weeks Scansday:

More from Scansday next week. Get your submissions in!

Also, after avoiding the debug release of the game due to public “follow the crowdness” that we’re not like at all, we’ve finally gotten into Sonic Advance 3, and have added a Preview without spoilers. We understand some people haven’t played or don’t wish to play the game to have it spoiled, and it’s a bit of a bummer if we just revealed everything to you anyways. We also got DECENT music downloads of Sonic Advance 3. You can preview the Realplayer version on-site, or you can download the real thing off of the TSS FTP Service if you like the sound of it.

Speaking of which, The TSS FTP Service is back and kickin’ some ass! Those wondering how to download music and movies good and proper need to look to here, because we keep our downloadable music and videos there now. Which is a great thing really, because you can also contribute with your own fanmade material – MP3 remixes, Music Videos, the lot. We may be doing a special on fanmade Sonic music videos soon as well, so keep an eye out…

Other things of note is that we’ve added Archie Comics 127 and 128 to the Archie Previews section, and we’ve also modified the footer of The Sonic Stadium. People have mentioned that, on a slow connection, it’s difficult to navigate back to the main pages just to head to someplace different. The new footer eliminates that – all the links found on the main pages can be found in text form there, so whatever page you’re on, you can be sure to quickly and easily navigate to someplace else on TSS.

That’s it for now, sorry it’s a late update, but worth it huh? See ya soon.

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