SAGE and the FTP Service

SAGE and the FTP Service

First of all, the SAGE 8 coverage is finally finished. We’re not usually this slack, so apologies to the SAGE crew for being so tardy, but given the amount of troubles we’ve got at this time, I guess it’s understandable. The next event that’s due to start are… well, THREE actually. June marks the start of SonicVerse Team’s Sonic Comic Convention, Prower Power is going to launch it’s very first Chaos Con, and then of course you have TSS’ very own Sonic Site Awards 2004. 2004 marks a slight change for the SSA, so that the original aim of awarding smaller lesser known Sonic sites can be focused on a little bit. But more on that when the time comes.

On a side-note, Prower Power is a new affiliate of TSS. How did he do it? He didn’t ask. ;P Think about it. If you’re desperate to have a link on TSS, then there is the Links Section that gets a LOAD of attention every day (trust me, I’ve seen the figures… wait, hang on, they stay here, obviously… honest. They just like to know about other sites… heeey, my site is good.. isn’t it? :D). Oh, and as a gesture of how 1337 buddies we are, Sonic CulT and TSS have decided to make a little banner exchange with each other. So TSS visitors can see a link to the CulT and CulT Members can snoop around on TSS if they’re that bored. ^_^

Anyway, the main point. The TSS FTP Service. Many people are confused about it. Strange really, because all you have to do is click the little button that says “TSS FTP Service” and read the FAQs on TSS and Fastfeet’s own website. The TSS FTP Service is a seperate server owned by Fastfeet, but is used to host all of TSS’ large scale material, like MP3s, Videos, Games, whatever. This cuts down on our bandwidth, so we won’t see a repeat of three months ago.

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to pay to use the FTP Service. Why would I cut TSS’ potential visit audience and userbase by making a pay-per-download thing? It’s stupid. I don’t believe in it. Thus, the FTP Service is FREE. All you need is an FTP Program and you’re sorted. Bear in mind that the TSS FTP Service isn’t a 24-hours-a-day system, so you may experience times when it’s actually offline. You’ll know this is the case when Fastfeet’s site won’t actually load either. It’s on pretty much every day though, so best thing to do is just try again in a few hours. Once you get in though, you’ll be hooked, trust.

The best thing about the FTP Service is that YOU can contribute to it. If we have music or games missing, you can upload them to the server for others to download (after getting permission via email or SSMB Private Message by Fastfeet of course). If you have just made a Sonic Music Video, share it with the world on FTP. There is nothing else quite like it on a Sonic website, which truly makes The Sonic Stadium the king of downloads with it’s FTP Portal. Get it in.

UPDATE: Added two links to the Links Database – The Sonic Corner, that is run by a new pal of mine, MIDI Musician JD Harding – visit his site please 😀 – and a new site called Sonic World, for the Spanish Sonic fans out there. Make sure you check that out too, and keep checking the Links Section for a whole heap of other excellent Sonic sites.

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