Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!

Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!

Well, it’s a fabulous honour to say “Welcome back to The Sonic Stadium!” It’s been a long three/four months, but it looks like through thick and thin, we’ve managed to find our feet. And it’s all worth it in the end – before we crashed we provided thousands of people with Sonic goodness. And now we’re back to provide even more!

But things have changed somewhat. The navigation bar will be different depending on what page you are on, and the main sectors of TSS will show up just like they are now on this page, whenever you’re at the root of TSS. This is to kill the navigation problem that people were having – if you get lost, there are links to the Site Map just below the “TSS Network” button in the header, so hopefully TSS is easier and more fun to surf around.

Speaking of the ‘TSS Network’, that’s a major new addition to the troupe too. The TSS Network is basically a portal for all of our products and events and other stuff – Shadow Team, Sega Sonic Radio, TSS etc are all part of the TSS Network, and the network itself aims to give you the best variety in Sonic-style… stuffs. You’ll know when you see it. Can’t really miss it, as the portal is the first page you see ^_^

That’s all for now – expect a bigger announcement tomorrow, I’m seriously out of time. But the second part of the SAGE 8 coverage will appear tomorrow, honest. 😀

Welcome back, guys. ^_^

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