Update and TSS Network

Update and TSS Network

Hiya everyone, second day of TSS’ return, yay! Right, let’s get the updates and site news out of the way. 

  • Cyberblade is still a lazy bum, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for your SAGE 8 Part 2 coverage. Honestly, something that should take a couple of hours… If he hasn’t done it by Thursday you can officially lynch mob him in the SSMB ^_^
  • Some links have been updated, in the Links Database and the main affiliates – Sonic World and Sonic Planet.
  • Fixed the dead links that I was aware of, if you find any more let me know. Also, realised the whole Site History section wasn’t even uploaded – D’oh! So I did that for you 🙂 Also, opened the Guestbook – I thought there was a problem with it, but it seems that there’s just an anti-flood thing on it =)
  • The TSS FTP Service is offline until further notice. You may find it online every now and then (I haven’t actually gotten the word from Fastfeet that it’s totally offline) but on the whole it’s down. It shan’t be too long until it’s back online though, and we’ll let you know when that happens 🙂

Now, to explain some of the new-y bits in TSS. The navigation system has been changed as I already mentioned earlier. This is to make life easier for you. The root pages of TSS will have the major sections shown, and underneath these pages the navigation bar will change depending on where you are. For example, when you’re in a Game Information page or a Game music page, you can find links to all other pages relating to that same game. Smart eh?

The cramming of all the sections into four major parts in each Channel was done to make navigation easier – it’s easy to find information on Sonic books (or another section that doesn’t obviously belong in the Games, Comics or Cartoons section) page if you only have a logical choice of “Information” to choose. 🙂 It all may seem smaller than it was, but everything is underneath the surface. So in actual fact the site is actually just more trim than it was, rather than smaller.

The music and the movies on The Sonic Stadium CAN be downloaded – however they cannot be saved. Where the mp3s and mpegs were are now Realplayer .RM files. Before you complain and say “That’s GHEY”, just remind yourself how TSS got in the crapper in the first place. Granted, it was SonicAnime.net’s bandwidth that did it, but it was bandwidth all the same.

Bandwidth I’d rather keep under control. .RM music and movie files are there on the site for you to play on RealOne player for free – consider these PREVIEW files if you will. If you want to download the higher quality MP3 or MPEG files to play anytime, then you will be needing to go to the TSS FTP Service. Except that you can’t right now because it’s offline. Oh well. Hurry up with those repairs or whatever, eh Fastfeet? 😉

While we’re on the subject, if you have any questions or problems on how to get started, DO NOT CONTACT ME, TSS or post a message on the SSMB Forums. In the TSS FTP Service section there is a link to Fastfeet’s Website, when the FTP is online the website is online. When you access the website you will find an extensive guide on getting started on FTP, and there’s a support forum linked to TSS too if you have any problems. There’s even an FTP Topic especially for you at the SSMB. So, all comments and stuff regarding the FTP Service goes to Fastfeet, not us. Read the General Guide in the FTP Service section for more information on why.

We’re currently remodelling the ‘Sonic Fan Club’ for TSS, and you may have noticed that the SFC section is actually closed off. We’re going to revamp that section, and make it full interactive. If you’re aware of DeviantART then you’ll start to get an idea of what we mean. The TSS Account will be able to be used for the new Sonic Fan Club, so not only will you be able to post messages on the SSMB Community and collect Sonic Smash Cards on TSS, but you’ll be able to participate in the new SFC too.

As for Sega Sonic Radio – we’ve got designs on that too. This year we’ll be changing the website so it looks like it’s not a reject of one of my old layouts, and this year will see TSS pull together a team to make special programmes for SSR radio stations – be they Sonic radio dramas, special LiVECAST shows or any original pre-recorded broadcasts. If you want to become a part of the Sega Sonic Radio production team, then contact me and when the time comes we’ll get back to you about what you’d like to do.

If you want to be a part of the team you have to have some experience in making recorded shows or even recordings – we need multi-talented people, so you can actively help make our shows as well as think up ideas for them. Also contact us if you just have an idea, as we are open to suggestions at this stage, especially if they are original. We’ll even listen if they sound outrageous. But not too outrageous ;P

As for Sonic News – during TSS’ server crash, TSSZ.com offered to host Andrew (Sonic_Hedgehogs)’s Sonic News on TSSZ temporarily. This was only to be until The Sonic Stadium returned from the grave, but it seems that TSSZ is seriously understaffed, so for the time being we’ve agreed that Sonic News can temporarily stay with TSSZ until the staffers prove more efficient. Hey, you’re getting the latest news on TSS anyway, no matter where it’s linked from you can’t complain. Sonic News is scheduled to have a new mini-site soon anyway, so Sonic_Hedgehogs will be back soon either way…

As for what you can expect soon – A proper Sonic Advance 3 preview. Everyone’s already played the ROM that’s been circulating the internet anyway, but I don’t work on hype so I stayed clear of it while everyone was going “OMEFG egiggle1!11one” over it =P Oh, and that long overdue Sonic Heroes review too (which was supposed to be a TSS exclusive, but the server crash kind of prevented that didn’t it?).

Right, well that’s my overly-long updatey-thing out of the way, enjoy. I’ll be back to Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes now…

(It can’t be! You were killed in Zanzibar!)
(Snake? Snake…? Snaaaaaaakkkkeeee!)

*Hee hee hee*

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