SAGE 8: Complete Coverage

SAGE 8: Complete Coverage

Labyrinth Zone

Sonic & Shadow – The Blue Hedgehog
This game needs a serious amount of work. There are alot of cool effects used but unfortunately the game has alot of problems. One, you don’t just lose rings when hit, you die, and two you need to improve the movement, going up hill is more of a hop then anything.

Neo Sonic Godspeed – Manic Team
Pretty good game, but needs some work. Braking is odd, but does work and the game can get to a decent speed. But, like most games, it has it’s quirks and problems. MP3 music is not the best choice considering that 56k users will download this too, and the death pits are nicely placed, but hard to see.

Sonic Flash – Jackel
Good game, but is slow. Needs to be faster. Perhaps less of a bounce off of badniks would make this game an awesome game. The graphics are hand made and all look awesome. Expect good things from this.

Tornado Team
Bizarrely enough, Tornado Team had nothing to show except Godzilla Wallpapers. o_@; Welcome to the wonderful world of the SONIC Amateur GAMES Expo, lads.

Sonic Frenzy Adventure – Blue Frenzy Software
Sonic Frenzy Adventure was nowhere to be found on SAGE, so hopefully we could see something in the way of a demo for next time.

Sonic Quickie – Dario Interactive
We didn’t manage to get anything for Sonic Quickie, but we hope the game turns out well.

Sonic: Corrupted Chaos
This is a pretty good engine test so far, movement is very good looking and actual loops, and such are used. The quirks are few, but quite annoying. Such as the wall jump. You have to be holding the direction of the wall your about to hit, and then hit the key as soon as you hit it. Which is frustrating, and the spring is odd, but it was understandingly thrown in for the sage demo and is not perfected yet.

Star Light Zone Showcase

Sonic Slash – CKT
Very good looking so far, a couple of minor little problems, and an little odd thing. First for the little odd thing, it seems sonic has like a homing attack thing, which is good, but even when he’s in the double jump mode, shouldn’t gravity still effect him? Minor, I know, but odd none the less. The worst thing I noticed was the blindness of this game. Increase the screen hight vertically, and move sonic back a bit to make it easier to control.

Sonic X: The Game – ESS Software
I don’t even know if this qualifies as an engine test, let alone a demo. It’s short, but plays well. You can’t seem to run up walls just yet, and theres little room to get any feeling of the games speed, but I have an odd feeling it’ll become a good game. The bulk of the 4 meg file however, is an mp3 of sonic drive, and an mpeg intro, but it all looks good.

Shadow Sonic Beta – SSB Productions
A no-show at SAGE. This is becoming more common than the bald patches on George Bush’s head.

Sonic Tonic Quest – rtsmarty
It’s a good start, and fairly fast, but thats where quite a few of the problems come into play. If you run to fast into a wall, you kinda jump on it. If you use the homing attack at a wall, which is also very fast, you go through it. It’s looking good, and I’d like to see what’s in store for this next year.

Sonic Adventure: Sonic Robo Blast 2 – Blazefire Productions
A patch was missing from the demo, so unfortunately we did not get to play this. But from the website the game is a modification of Sonic Team Junior’s Sonic Robo Blast 2 game with new textures and modified playing fields.

Celestia – Wizards of Arcania
No-one may know what this game is – even looking at the SAGE booth this late in the day gives us the same message: Coming 17th March. Uh-huh. 😛 We’re not even sure if this is a Sonic game or not, but if they show up at SAGE 9, then maybe they may show us what this Celestia title really is…

The Emeralds Awakening – BlueFox Team
Again a SAGE no-show. Entertaining to say the least… “What was your favourite no-show game at SAGE? Email us!” =P

Sonic 360 – Team Virus
This is a very impressive click engine, and seems to me, to be very close to the original games engine. Just needs some actual graphics, and some obstacles bigger, and better then an un moving saw and buzz- bombers that don’t shoot and it will be a game to remember.

Radical Sonic – ParadoxX & Mark the Echidna
Awesome looking engine so far, once an actual game is added this will be one of those great fan games which you have to download. This engine actually has graphics. W00T! Trust me this will become a great game.

Scrap Brain Zone Showcase

Sonic VGmix – Shadowgoten
A No-Show. Mwhahahahahahaa…. sigh.

Epoch Advance – Bob “Jinnai” Showalter
A lot of rom hacks have been poor, so considering this game isn’t a hack it turned out awesome. I know how difficult making games with a game making program is, and can imagine how difficult this must have been. I played this game quite a while back, and I must say it’s pretty good, although the graphics are quite hard to see, and not exactly my favorite style. Just a bit of tweaking, and this will pwn.

SatAM: Shadow of Sonic – Wayne the Hedgehog Productions
Nice variety between characters, but antoine can’t even beat the level, sonic can’t get anywhere either, neither can sally. The only one I could get anywhere with was bunny who could punch through everything. The “freeze, you are under arrest” thing, gets annoying quickly, and sonic, although he can attack, is very difficult to attack with. Overall, I think with some work, this will be good, but it won’t be easy.

Sonic Charge – Lightning Hedgehog
Yeah, take a wild guess.

Chaos:\\/:_DevilTouch_\ – Ben Goldsmith
No, not a game this time, but an application on how to make Sonic games! Sonic DIY is boasting all sorts of easy interfaces, drag and drop functions and simple construction controls to make building a Sonic level a piece of cake. The only trouble I had in Sonic DIY was the fact that there didn’t seem to be any easy way of removing pieces you had placed onto the playing field – if you change your mind you can’t delete pieces from the field. Also, loading saved levels and games didn’t work at all. Still, it’s the first of it’s kind and only a demo experience of the application, so give it half a chance. One to watch.

Tails: Bloodline – Part I – Redeyed Kitsune
We didn’t see a link to anything about the game, be it a demo or screens, but at least we know it exists. We wish the developer the best of luck and hopefully we’ll see it next SAGE.

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