TSS and the SSMB NOT closing down…

TSS and the SSMB NOT closing down…

Early in the hours of this morning, a pleasant chap decided to hack into the servers of SonicAnime.net, which hosts TSS, and used it’s SMTP system to bulk mail several people that The Sonic Stadium and the Message Board was to close down. Naturally, the return sender was “Dreadknux” and the return address my email.

Let me say now that this is completely untrue. First of all the person who sent the original email types nothing like me, for starters he must have the IQ of 50 to spell and punctuate like he did (whilst trying to pass himself off for me). Second of all there is a way I tag my emails, and this was missing from “my email”. Nonetheless, it caused a minimal panic. Thankfully, some people realise that is was a hoax created by someone without two brain cells to humble themselves, and now I hope that the whole matter is dispelled.

As for announcements regarding TSS and the SSMB, they will always ALWAYS be announced on the site, be it the SSMB, TSS or Sonic News. They will NEVER be sent to you in an email. Always check the website for the official line on what is happening with TSS projects and status.

… Seeings as we have so much lined up for 2004 – new look Sega Sonic Radio, ‘Real Prize’ competitions, official press statements on Sonic games straight from SEGA themselves, and of course, Sonic Smash Cards, we’ll be here for a loooooooooooooooooong time yet.

And no amount of lowlife hermit ‘hackers’ (read: pre-teen 13 year olds who think it’s funny to perform pointless tasks to destroy sites in an attempt to make themselves jack off successfully) is going to deter me from keeping this site open. TSS is here to STAY!

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