SSMB Fighting Game?

SSMB Fighting Game?

SSMB member, Mad Ad, talked exclusively to Dreadknux about the almost damn-near certainty of a Fighting Fan Game, including members of the SSMB. Dreadknux has given Mad Ad permission to use the SSMB and TSS name in this Fan Game, along with sprites of his character.

The plan for the fighting game is not one large game, it is lots of small instalment-like games, with each instalment being a match. Each game will be small, as it will be part of an ongoing fighting series. There is a league planned using this format style.

The way it is planned to play is very much like a basic form of Smash Bros. Characters will have a limited attack range, but scenery in stages will provide many inventive ideas for other methods of attack.

If you are a member of the Sonic Stadium Message Board, you’re eligable to become a fighter in a new instalment of the as yet unnamed title. As a pre-requisite Mad Ad requests that his website, Wild Entertainment (currently not online, keep an eye out on Sonic News for updates…) should be advertised in return.

For more information on what you need to do in order to be a part of the game, email Mad Ad at add-at-wildentertainment-dot-co-uk, or catch him on the SSMB.

If you’re not a part of the SSMB yet, and all this exclusive community goodness sounds good, you haven’t heard the most of it. The Sonic Stadium Message Board is a cool MB where you can constantly chat and keep up to date on matters of Sonic. If that rocks your boat, register for free by clicking here.

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