Sonic News Reform

Sonic News Reform

Yes, Sonic News is still here, but in a cleaner form! You’ll notice that most of Sonic News has changed. This is the new, improved version of Sonic News, for we have, like The Sonic Stadium, gone PHP stylee.

What does this mean to you? Well, for a start you’ll be able to get your news fix much quicker and faster than ever before (and considering how fast Sonic News is in the first place…), as well as cool extras such as being able to add your own comments and thoughts on the many Sonic and Sonic Team headlines passing through here.

You can also let a friend know about any of the articles we have, just by clicking on ‘Send to Friend’ and filling in the details. The news prior to this month (August) has been removed temporarily – now that archives will be added automatically, it seems fitting for us to archive the news headlines that we had to manually update.

Soon the ‘Articles’ section in the MEDIA Channel will be moved to Sonic News too, where it will belong most – for it’s great move, you can submit any editorial articles that you have written – be it your theories on the Sonic Universe, a thought about the Online Community, or just general Sonic theory-ness.

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