SAGE 2003 Registration

SAGE 2003 Registration

Yes, SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is coming up fast once again, and entries are being accepted by Perfect Chaos Zero until the 24th August!

For those that do not yet know what SAGE is, we can’t really blame you. SAGE is a showcase of everyone’s Fan Games, much like what E3 does for professional video games. It pops up twice a year, and the first opening in 2000/2001 caused a huge reaction within the Online Sonic Community. Thank Blaze Hedgehog for that.

But as time went on, interest for the event waned, as the event slowly became more and more the property of popular site Sonic Fan Games HQ. The last Sonic Amateur Game Expos have been alright, but didn’t really catch mainstream like it used to – only people who visited SFGHQ on a regular basis showed their items.

TSS used to make reports on SAGE, but as of late has basically not been bothered due to the niche interest in the event nowadays. But we want the event to get back to its old fame and glory!

The Sonic Stadium will begin to report on SAGE at every occasion – regular newsies will pop up in Sonic News, then be bundled at the end of SAGE into a special Article.

If you have a Fan Game and want to participate, be quick about it – you only have until 24th August 2003. Click the link below for full details on what you need to secure your booth position at this year’s event:


Bear in mind that TSS’ resident Fan Game team, Shadow Team, will be making a groundbreaking debut at this year’s SAGE too, this along with all other booths and games will be covered during the SAGE coverage that TSS will only be able to provide!

Make sure you come back for it!

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