Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

Pre-SAGE: Shadow Team’s Showcase

SAGE is less than a month away, and we’re giving you the exclusive details on a new Fan Game developer who will be rearing it’s head among the entire Online Sonic Community. Labelled Shadow Team, regular visitors of TSS will know them as the home-grown antics of Roareye, Anarchy Rat and Dreadknux (Click HERE to visit the website), but this will be their first real appearance onto the public.

Their first game, Sonic Avalanche, met with a very good reception at Sonic Fan Games HQ, but with SAGE hopefully shedding of it’s niche audience, Shadow Team and other Fan Game teams will be able to get more recognition for their work.

Shadow Team has explained a little about the games they will be showing. Their flagship title will remain a secret until SAGE actually opens, and this game will be the infamous “Sonic the ??? 2” game that we’ve all been hearing about. Also from Shadow Team comes games such as “Lil’ Robo”, which is an original new title which involves a cool mini-robot collecting data from a strange planet. Sounds naff on paper, but wait until you play it.

Also, another developer called Shadow Team have joined forces with the Shadow Team name that you’ve known for Sonic Avalanche, and has been named ‘Shadow Team USA’. This team will be showing a secret title (which is also an original title) along with their main product, “Shadow Chronicles”.

Check out the Shadow Team website to find out more about what they have lined up. But it’s looking like one awesome debut for this Fan Game team, that’s for sure.

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