Archie: Sonic #129 Full Preview

Archie: Sonic #129 Full Preview

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #129, ships 10/15. 32-page, full color comic, $2.19 US.

“Space Gamble”: Move over, Nascar pros – Sonic is putting the pedal to the metal by entering a racing competition! Not the best thing to do with a damaged ship, but he can always use the prize money to fix it. Winning won’t be that easy of course-he’s only up against fastest beings of the universe! Will Sonic’s ship hold together long enough for him to cross the finish line?

SCRIPT: Romy Chacon. Art: Dawn Best (pencils) & Jim Amash (inks). 

“Welcome to Wheelworld”: The new world Sonic finds himself in offers the best opportunity for to get back home to his family and friends. Too bad he’s landed there right in the middle of the trial of the Bem scientist last seen in #118. Why is this trial so important and what does it have to do with Mobius? This must must-read tale features several surprises, including of Tails’ parents!

SCRIPT: Benny Lee. ART: Art Mawhinney (pencils) and Michael Higgins (inks).