Update for 21st May 2003

Update for 21st May 2003

A hee-uge update for the site, involving the adding on of the rest of the Sonic News stuff.
Updated sections include:

  • Video Games – Games List, Games Basement, and Cellphone Games Section
  • Sonic Cartoons – New Screens added to Sonic Anime, Sonic Underground and AoStH
  • Comics Zone – New Aoi Manga Comics, and several new Fleetway complete scans
  • General Information – New photos added to Sonic Team Shrine
  • Sonic Fan Club – Updates in all sections
  • Articles – New Article: Sonic on other platforms – a good or bad thing?
  • Artwork – New Album Art and Merchandise gallery, and new Sprite Sheets section
  • Downloads – Loads of new wallpapers, PC Apps, Flash Movies and AIM Icons
  • Music Zone – Redesigned section, and downloadable MP3s!
  • TSS History – Full Layout Pages, New Timeline Entries, and Awards Shelf
  • TSS Miscellanea – New Channel Section: Articles, Skits and Misc Creations and TSS Mailbag
  • Sonic Store – Completed at long last! ^___^
  • Links & Webring – Sites that had submitted links aeons ago now finally added
  • And… that’s your lot. For now anyway – enjoy! ;D

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