TSSZ @ SAGE 6: Sonic Total Immersion Demo Now Available

Demo 1.2b of Sonic: Total Immersion is available at the Sonic: TI SAGE booth, with a file size of about 8 megs. Here’s an excerpt from a long storyline, fully available at the booth.

It has been 11 years since Robotnik’s take over. Now a teenager, Princess Sally has formed a group of Freedom Fighters that fight Robotnik in the hopes of freeing their world.

Amoung these Freedom Fighters are Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles Prower (now called Tails because of his twin tails), Rotor “Boomer” Walrus, Bunnie Rabbot and Antione D’Coolete. The grey two tailed fox, now called Solar, lives in the woods near Knothole by himself.

Lately, Robotnik has been quiet and some strange new robots called Badniks have poped up. Though these badniks seem to pose no real threat, it and Robotnik’s silence has everyone worried. What could Robotnik be up to?

Regardless of their worries, the people of Knothole are using this opertunity to relax and unwind. If only they knew what was in store for them..

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