TSSZ @ SAGE 6: Chao Aventure Legends Sequel Planned

The star of the ChaoFiles booth is the Chao Adventure Legends demo, which is a small Flash download. There isn’t a lot to it, but already a sequel is being planned, called The Squiggles Saga.

The sequel to Chao Adventure Legends will be The Squiggles Saga. The plot of this game is already complete, yet development has not started, and will not start until Chao Adventure Legends is complete.

What I can tell you is this: This game takes place immediately following Chao Adventure Legends. Both games take place between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. Station Square is starting to restore itself when disaster strikes. And that disaster’s name is Sonic.

Something far more powerful than Sonic is controlling the gang, and it eventually results in the kidnapping of Atlanti, a Chao, for twisted experiments. Now, her friend Squiggles has stepped up to free Atlanti, and in the process, must destroy not only Sonic, but something far more powerful.

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