Sonic X Anime Will Not Follow the Video Games

Anyone thinking that the new Sonic X cartoon will have a link to the video games will be disappointed, as Sonic Team head Yuji Naka confirmed that the show will be unrelated to the antics of the blue blur on consoles.

“There are no ties to the game [in Sonic X],” Naka said at a press conference hosted by SEGA and TV Tokyo. “I am a fan of the games, and we created this show with the games in mind, but outside of that is a completely new world.

“By using an alternative dimension, it gives the writers a chance to do some really interesting things using a ‘different Sonic’,” the developer added, referring specifically to the use of the ‘X’ in the show’s title.

The music of Sonic X was also discussed at the press conference. The opening theme was reportedly done by Hironobu Kageyama and Hideaki Takatori. SEGA also announced that the animation is “very important” to the company, and are looking into requests from North America, Europe and Asia to air the show in those markets.

Source: ZDNet Japan (via The GHZ)

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