Sonic Adventure DX Will Include A Collection Of Every Single Game Gear Sonic Title

When we were wondering what kind of improvements Sonic Adventure DX would have over the original Dreamcast release, we couldn’t have guessed this! According to Sonic Team’s Yuji Naka, the upcoming Gamecube port will contain a ‘Sonic Mega Collection 2’ of every single Sonic game that released on the SEGA Game Gear in the 1990s.

The news came as Naka-san was attending a special event for SEGA’s B-Club online service. B-Club aims to be a virtual rental service, allowing players (in Japan only, we assume) to download games from classic consoles onto their PC. The service showcased titles from the SEGA Saturn and Mega CD, among others.

Seemed like an appropriate place to casually announce that a slate of classic Sonic titles will end up on a Gamecube disc, then. According to N-philes, “Sonic Team’s Yuji Naka, who has worked on games such as NiGHTS, says that Sonic Adventure DX for the GameCube will contain every Sonic Game Gear title (full versions). He jokingly commented that he was tempted to call it Sonic Mega Collection 2.

Amazing! We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy now. Sonic Adventure DX is set for a summer release on Nintendo Gamecube.

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