Report: SEGA Blocking DIC From Releasing More SatAM DVDs

It was all going so well. After releasing a couple of box sets in the US, DIC Entertainment has apparently told the SatAM fanbase that it is unable to release any more DVDs due to a refusal by SEGA to continue working with the license.

The news comes from prominent SatAM community members Sonique of Fans United for SatAM and Kanshisha of the SatAM Network, who have been in communication with DIC since the DVDs were first announced.

“DiC Entertainment has been informed by Sega that they refuse to allow the release of another Sat-AM DVD. This is a shock as UAV Entertainment Corp was near completing the DVD along with Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda,” Kanshisha wrote on Sonic HQ. Sonique had a few more choice words to say.

“Time to protest! … I’m angry now, but I promise you all as the lead person of the SatAM world, we will get this DVD out. I don’t know how, but we will.”

Maybe there’s just been a bit of a communications snafu? Hopefully we can get this resolved soon and more Sonic DVDs can be released.

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