Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #125 – The Anniversary Issue

Looks like Archie skipped ahead in its regular comic solicitations, as we’ve got news on Sonic #125 instead of #124. We’re still waiting for #124 details, but it probably won’t come as this next issue is more important – it marks Archie Sonic’s 10-year anniversary! Full details and cover art below.


Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by Dave Manak, Art Mawhinney, Ron Lim, Steven Butler, J. Axer, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy, Nelson Ribiero, Jim Amash, Conor Tomas and Dawn Best, cover by Spaz.

Special 10-year anniversary issue featuring an all-star artist jam. The celebration of Sonic’s 10th Anniversary in comics might also be the beginning of the end for the blue blur, his friends and their enemies as well.

The action picks up from the previous issue; Shadow returned to help in the fight against the alien Xorda who want nothing more than the destruction of Mobius. After reasoning and bargaining fail, the denizens of the planet must band together for their very survival! In the end, a hero will fall and the future of Mobius will be changed forever.

Plus: Another Knuckles solo story.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on June 25.

Source: Comics Continuum

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