SatAM Fans Plan Real-Life Meetup

Fans of the Sonic SatAM cartoon series might soon have a means to meet one another in person this year, as the Fans United for SatAM sub-community announces plans to set up a real-life meetup.

Plans are in the early stages, according to FUS owner Sonique, but the idea is to set up a small convention or ‘gathering’ in the vicinity of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event will include showings of SatAM episodes, game tournaments and contests for fan art and fiction.

Sonique will be accepting donations to a PayPal account in order to help fund the event. Head to the FUS Message Board link below to learn more about the organisation of the day, and if you’re able to make it be sure to show your support!

Source: FUS Message Board (via TSSZ)

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