Report: PSO Episode I & II on Xbox To Have Fees

Xbox players looking forward to getting their Hunt on in Phantasy Star Online might be surprised at this news – according to a new report, there will be additional fees for access to the game on Microsoft’s home console.

Similar to Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II on Nintendo’s Gamecube, anyone wishing to play PSO multiplayer on Xbox will need to fork out for a ‘Hunter’s License’, reads a report on Swirlvision. The first two months of a Hunter’s License will be free of charge, after which players will be charged $8.95 per month for continued access.

“Add the fact that an Xbox Live account is necessary (at $49.95 for the first year), and you can see payment problems gamers may face,” writes Swirlvision.

Hopefully this won’t cost Sonic Team fans an arm and a leg to enjoy PSO with other players. We’ll let you know what comes of this as we get news of it.