Special Chao Downloads and Exclusive Sonic Merch Available at World Hobby Fair 2003

Sonic X might be the headlining event at this week’s World Hobby Fair, but Sonic Team will also be showing off Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party at the Japanese expo – along with some fantastic looking goodies and exclusive Chao downloads.

On their official World Hobby Fair page, the Sonic game studio revealed that it will have a booth at the show with four games ready to play. On top of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party, Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Advance 2 will also be available.

Sonic Advance 2, in particular, will be the focus of a special contest at the event. Winners will get themselves a Sonic Medal (pictured below), while all participants will get a ‘Sonic Air Mascot’ which kind of looks a bit like an arm band. Stay safe while swimming, kids!

On top of this, fans who come armed with a Game Boy Advance will also be able to use the special Chao downloading stations to import exclusive A-Life creatures into Tiny Chao Garden. A Knuckles and Amy Rose-styled Chao are available, but specially for World Hobby Fair it seems like you can also get a ‘Glossy Sonic Chao’ and ‘Glossy Shadow Chao’ from the event as well!

You’ll have to make a hard choice on the day though, as you can only download one Chao at a time to your GBA (and Sonic Team recommends that if you have a Chao already living in your copy of Sonic Advance 1 or 2, you should import them back to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle before taking the trip to the show). That means hardcore fans will either need to take four trips to the Fair or bring four GBA consoles. Best of luck!

All attendees to the show will be able to net themselves a special Sonic Mega Collection / Sonic Advance 2 branded tote bag, as well as the chance to take a photo with Sonic and friends. If you live in Japan and plan on going to World Hobby Fair, do let us know what it’s like – and have fun!

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