Sonic X Promotional Brochure Reveals Official Character Artwork

A promotional flyer for new anime Sonic X has been shared online, with a fresh new look at the characters and action we can expect to see in the show. Take a look!

These photos are a bit difficult to make any real details out, but we can see some official artwork of all the characters, as well as some scenes that will be in the anime. It’s looking really cool! These images were shared by ‘The Shadow Fan’ and posted on Sonic HQ, here’s what they had to say…

“I just got a brochure of the new Sonic TV series today! All I have to say [is] this series is gonna kick! Japanese-style Sonic means fast and a lot of action! So far, there are 26 episodes, each 30 minutes long, produced by TMS.”

“[Here are the] pictures I took of the brochure – sorry that they are a bit fuzzy. Also, as of now no one has bought the rights to air the TV series in the US… But the show will be airing around the world soon enough.”

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