‘Sonic Adventure DX’ for Gamecube Officially Announced; Sonic Pinball Party for GBA

SEGA has officially revealed the name for its previously-announced Sonic Adventure remake for the Nintendo Gamecube. ‘Sonic Adventure DX’ will release on the console later this year. But the company also announced that a new Game Boy Advance spinoff, Sonic Pinball Party, will also release in 2003.

According to a report by Nintendophiles, Sonic Adventure DX “should have the same type of changes that we saw for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. While it is being called a port by SEGA, it should include many additions and changes.”

Not much else was revealed for the Sonic Pinball Party game, but judging by the name we would hazard a guess that it involves pinball in some way. Could it be a sequel to the Mega Drive platformer-pinball crossover, Sonic Spinball?

Both Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party are slated for Summer 2003 releases in Japan, meaning that Western launches can’t be too far behind them. Bearing in mind that Sonic Advance 2 has yet to release in the West, and Sonic Team has already revealed the next Sonic game’s unveiling at E3 in May, and you have a jam-packed year for Sonic ahead!

Source: Nintendophiles

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