New Sonic Adventure DX Screenshots Show More Character Detail

A new batch of screenshots for Sonic Adventure DX on Gamecube have been seen in the wild, and they properly showcase just how much extra shine Sonic Team were able to give the blue blur and friends on Nintendo’s home console.

The new screenshots, seen above, were found on Gamecube fansite Planet Gamecube, and are a much higher resolution than the initial set of screenshots that we published earlier. You can see Sonic running through Speed Highway, Amy navigating Twinkle Park and Knuckles climbing around Red Mountain.

Planet Gamecube were also able to collect some high-resolution version screenshots of the first batch of images we had for Sonic Adventure DX, too. We’ve included them here so you can see E-102 Gamma, Tails, Big and Knuckles again in better quality.

More news on Sonic Adventure DX as we get it!

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