First Screenshots of Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Adventure DX Emerge

The first Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Pinball Party screens have been released, courtesy of Sega Japan! Take a look at the selection of images in this post, as well as some detail on these recently-announced titles.

Sonic Pinball Party

Sonic Pinball Party is not like Sonic Spinball for those who thought so. Think of it like an advanced version of the pinball in Sonic Adventure. Each Sonic character and co will have their own board in 3D realistic pinball style, with a real ball with real physics, and the characteristics of each character on the pinball table will be reflected somehow into gameplay, it would seem.

There’ll be different boards to choose from and subjects, like different NiGHTS into dreams boards and Samba De Amigo. The Samba board features an option where applying “the ball to the bumper” will play different Sonic Team music – from games like PSO and Burning Rangers. You can also play with four friends using 1 GBA cart, you can play “Party Mode”.

Sonic Adventure DX

There aren’t much changes known on this Gamecube Port of the Dreamcast original, but it’ll feature much better graphics as you can see – utilizing the Gamecube power!

You can learn more about both Sonic Pinball Party and Sonic Adventure DX, as well as the full selection of screenshots, in our TSS Previews for each game.

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