Fans Could Win A Small Part in Ken Penders’ Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

There’s been no official confirmation of a SatAM/Archie-based Sonic movie as of yet, but comic writer Ken Penders is still planning ways to make the project interesting. The latest is fan participation, with competition winners potentially scoring a role in the film!

On his website, Penders says that the idea – which is only “being batted around” at this stage – involves a “contest where some lucky guy and girl will each win a small part in the Sonic film.”

“Not only that, but we may also do a runner-up contest where a character designed by a fan may end up in one of the Robotropolis segments,” Penders also wrote. “Needless to say, any drawings submitted would become the property of the production, waivers would have to be signed, especially if we wanted to include them on the eventual DVD release.”

Penders warns fans that they should not send anything in yet. “At this moment, do not submit anything… I will post all the information once all the details are ironed out. This is more or less to let you guys know the fans are being listened to, and we do want to involve you guys where we can.”

Finally, some good news for Freedom Fighters fans as Penders added, “Oh yeah, one other thing: Amy Rose, Rotor and Antoine do appear in the script. They’re just not major characters this time out.”

If we hear any more on this, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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