Fan Sites: to Close, Launches Soon

Sad news for the cartoon community today, as prominent leader of Shayne Thames announced that the fansite will no longer be updated. But, while one door closes, another opens – Shayne also revealed that she is working on a brand new fansite that will focus on the upcoming Sonic anime series instead.

Statement from Shayne Thames, posted on, below:

I’m sorry, but I have to face facts that I’m tired of the fact that I worked SO HARD on this site only to have it tossed outta town by one problem or another. It maybe a LONG TIME before I decide that I may EVER do another update. But the REAL fact is that I’m moving onto other things.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM CLOSING DOWN, RETIRING, OR ANYTHING ELSE from the SU community. On the contrary, I’m continuing the tradition of bringing information on the LATEST Sonic cartoon series to the internet. SU is no longer that.

I WILL keep this site open for future Sonic fans to see and know about the cartoon that Once Was. With many people who wishes to help out the site, I may just leave it with one of them to continue updates in the Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and the message board. I will NEVER KNOW if I will be getting all the episodes back up on the net. I also have my book series to think about.

But one thing is for sure: I WILL NEVER ABANDON was my brainchild after I turned over to Naka. Some people have even come to know me as sort of an icon leader of the SU community, like Sonique is for Sonic SatAM.

But now, my job here is done, and there is a new series while I’ll be working on covering in the following months. This site is, so be sure to keep an eye on it. But for now, the sun sets on The Hedgehog Dynasty as it is just rising in the Land of the Sun, where a Black Hedgehog is waiting to be awakened and wreak havoc on the world.….you have shined through in your finest hour.