Fan Sites: Sonic Central Closure and Sonic Club Support Issues

A sad day for the Sonic fan site community today, as one prominent site announces a full shutdown and another is currently having issues getting online, owing to server support problems.

First, the Sonic Central website. The webmaster has has decided to close up for good. Here’s the final words from Cricket, the site owner.

Well, it’s a sad thing when your fav website gets shutdown, so I’m kinda sad… I had a lot of fun writing news here and such but… the show must go on. Which has nothing to do with anything but… o.O… makes you think… I’m gonna really miss all of you and this place.

I had fun here. A lot of fun.. like, CS was the only one to actually put up my crappy fanfics. No-one else would. CS also liked them, I think… which is hard to believe. I’m gonna miss you all. Thanks for everything. Thank you CS. Thanks, all of you. Good bye.”

Also, the Sonic-Club, one of the oldest and long running Sonic sites, is having some money problems. No more info I can give you as of now on that, unfortunately.

The Sonic Stadium and Sonic News both wish the best for the future endeavours for the webmasters of Sonic Central. And we hope that Sonic-Club can get back on its feet very soon.

Thanks to ‘Scot’ from fellow website for the info.