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It’s the end of an era for one of the earliest Sonic the Hedgehog fan sites on the internet. has closed its doors, with owner ElectroSonic Dan bowing out of the scene.

ElectroSonic Dan has been a part of the online community since 1998, so after a four-year run we’re sad to see him shut up shop. We wish him all the very best. Here’s his good-bye message, which he posted on his website:

“I’m sorry to say that has been shut down indefinitely for various reasons. Firstly, I no longer have enough time to update the site, as I’m sure regular visitors have noticed in the past few months, due to the pressure of upcoming exams in school. I also do not wish to cause any problems for my server, because I know I must be using up a ton of bandwidth every week. I’m also fed up with people demanding warez off the site – if you want Sonic R or Sonic CD, go down to your local store and pick it up for ¬£5!

I’ve had a great run in the Sonic Community since 1998. For those of you who don’t know, I first entered it with ‘Daniel’s Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Created Games’. After the site was shut down by my ISP, I returned to create ‘Electro Sonic Team’ – bigger, better and bolder than my previous attempt at a website.

ElectroSonic Dan was also a dab hand at making fan hoaxes; we’ve included some of his best on The Sonic Stadium, which you can find here.

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