Sonic Team Adds Sonic Advance 2 Puzzle Game to MiniToy Archive

You can keep your hype for Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Mega Collection in overdrive this month, as Sonic Team has updated its online ‘MiniToy’ archive with a brand new jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork promoting the two new games.

Just like the Sonic Adventure 2-themed puzzle back in June, this has fans trying to piece Sonic and friends back together using a jumbled mess of picture fragments.

There’s also a reward for completing it – a choice of two special Sonic Advance 2 desktop wallpapers in either 1280×1024 or 800×600 resolution sizes. We’ve managed to do some of the hard work for you and included the 1280×1024 versions of the wallpapers below.

Head here to try the puzzle out for yourself. Enjoy!

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