Sonic Advance 2 – Hot new Sonic Team Information

Sonic Advance 2 – Hot new Sonic Team Information

12th December 2002… Sonic Team finally reveal to the world the Official Sonic Advance 2 Website. Packed with new information on the game, The Sonic Stadium’s Dreadknux set eyes on it, the very moment it was released.

The website is just like you’d expect any other Sonic Team webby – noice and clean. We loosely translated the information on the website to give you a rough idea of what to expect in new sections of the game.

First off, the new character. Cream the Rabit. Indeed. Not much has been said about this new Sonic youngster, but now, as we all suspected, Cream and Cheese will be the ‘easy’ option throughout the game, should you find Sonic, Knuckles or Tails’ story too hard. Which must mean that Dimps has upped the tempo a little bit. Cream is also designed, it seems, for the ‘easier’ gamer – we mean that beginners won’t find any surprises to the game when playing as Cream, and there have also been moves included at Cream’s disposal. Here’s a rundown of them:

‘Chao Attack’:

This is probably why it’s quite easy to play as Cream – by the looks of things, she seems as maneouverable as Amy in Sonic Advance 1, but with the aid of Cheese in this attack, the little Chao beggar will home in on any close by enemies and render them scrap metal.

‘Fan Flight’:

Well, from what we have gathered, Cream can fly, much like Tails can usually. Via, this time around, her gigantic earholes. Nicely. Cheese will hover about you looking like a blind cat while you do this, so you’re not exactly unprotected. However, like Tails, if you fly for too long, you fall – and if you stop flying, you’ll fall too. The beauty is, if you ‘manually’ stop flying (well, it seems as if you can manually stop flying anyway), you can crash into any badniks on the way down, giving them a jolly good headache. Choice.

‘Chao Rolling Attack’:

This move is very reminiscient of Sonic’s Insta-Shield from the good old Sonic 3/Knuckles days. Ah… memories… Instead of a lightning flashy thing protecting you though, you get…. Cheese! The cheeky chao will rotate around Cream once, and will destroy any enemies in “the vicinity”. As obviously pointed out in the first sentence, this looks like an air move, but what’s the betting you may be able to do it while spin attacking too? That is, if Cream can spin attack? No, not a lot, is there?

‘Boosts and Boost Actions’:

Now, we couldn’t get all the Japanese jibba-jabba, but from the looks of things, Sonic has a new style of move too. Noted the ‘Boost’, it apparently takes place when Sonic is running extremely fast for a fixed amount of time. But don’t quote us on that ­čśë

When you achieve the endurance of speed, you’ll go into Boost Mode or something, we’re reckoning. It seems that the more rings you collect, the faster you’ll be able to eventually go – a bit like Sonic R with the Ring/Speed Booster relationship. See the several Sonic shadows there? That’s ‘Boost’ in action, that be. You know, maybe ‘Boost’ on the site is just a fancy word for Sonic being able to run really fast. But then, why the feck would they put that on the site – everyone already knows Sonic can do a blinding job at running. So there must be something else to it. Oh, and it seems you can do your little slidey tackle when you’re boosting too. Noice.

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