SEGA is Coming Back to Europe!

At long last! After a couple years of non-existence in the region, SEGA has announced that it will work to re-establish itself in Europe with a new base of operations from which it will directly sell games in the UK and across the continent.

Company director Satoshi Kayama confirmed the move, in a report by XenGamers, as a means to reduce the cost of its operating expenses in the region. Since the fall of the Dreamcast, SEGA had to close its European offices and work with publishing partners Infogrames and Sony to release its games here. But it seems like the cost of doing this has given the company an opportunity to return to direct sales and marketing operations in the territory.

“SEGA hopes to significantly reduce operating expenses by handling future software releases internally,” XenGamers writes. “Currently, SEGA must sell 2.6 million software units in Europe in order to break even financially. By handling future releases internally however, SEGA plans to reduce that figure to 2 million next year.”

All sounds super positive, best of luck with it SEGA! We can’t wait to see you in the UK and Europe properly again!

Source: XenGamers

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