Chaos Control: A Fan Game That Promises High-Speed Tactical Military Action

Mj2 has revealed exclusively to us new details about his latest Fan Game, titled ‘Chaos Control’. The project’s director sent us some juicy information and awesome-looking screenshots earlier today, revealing all about this interesting Sonic-commando action adventure. Read on for more details!

The game was present at the SAGE 5 event just a few months ago, and intrigued everyone with its intriguing mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Call of Duty style influences. At the show, you might have remembered a ‘playable introduction’ that was available at Mj2’s booth. Well, we can reveal a brand new chapter, which takes place some two years after that demo.

Mj2 says that Chaos Control has a completely new engine powering it, as well as a revised plot and a set of new characters and Zones to go with it. Imagine that: a fan game without Eggman OR Chaos Emeralds..? Shocking! But we think it’s for the best this way – the game is much more military-focused now, and the intervention of classic characters and items might have ruined it.

Here’s a list of characters in the game that Mj2 showed us:


The main character in Chaos Control.


  • Good speed
  • Good strength
  • Good jumping
  • Can fight with and without weapons


  • Cannot drive any vehicles
  • Cannot get extra Armor
  • Not a good swimmer


Part of the same military group as Raiden.


  • Can drive any vehicle
  • Can use extra Armor
  • Can open any lock
  • Can use any weapons


  • Poor max speed
  • Not a great jumper
  • Cannot fight hand to hand


Knuckles is back and stronger than ever!


  • Very powerful
  • Can use any weapons
  • Can drive some vehicles
  • Great hand to hand fighter
  • Great swimmer


  • Not a high jumper
  • Has not got a great max speed
  • Does not work great in a team


The sole survivor from a doomed military team.


  • Very fast runner
  • Strong
  • Great jumper
  • Good hand to hand fighter
  • Can use all weapons
  • Can use “Chaos Time”
  • Can use extra Armor


  • Cannot swim
  • Seems to be hiding something…

These are the full list of characters, but we have been told that the player can only select Maria and Raiden from the start – the others must be unlocked somehow.

Before Mj2 is prepared to release an engine test, he’s focused on tweaking his new static-based engine at this time. But, on the gameplay front, to put it from Mj2 himself: “the gameplay is a mix of Sonic, Metal Slug and Metal Gear Solid.” Need we say any more? Check out the latest screens below. The Sonic Fan Games Club will be updated with this little addition very soon, as soon as we get some playable gaming done on it!

Much much more news on this breathtaking Fan Game as it breaks.

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