SEGA Seemingly Separating From Parent Company CSK

Recent moves from SEGA’s corporate team suggest that it may soon be parting ways with its parent company, CSK. According to a news story on IGN, the House of Sonic has plans to sell its majority stake in CSK by the end of the fiscal year, and there are analyst predictions that CSK will soon sell its SEGA shares in kind.

IGN reports, via the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, that the “5.9% stake [in CSK held by SEGA] to be sold would amount to around 10 billion yen (around US $83 million) at current prices, and would be purchased entirely by CSK. Such a move would end cross-shareholding between the two companies.”

At the moment, there’s no hint as to whether CSK will sell its shares in SEGA, but according to market analysts this might be a waiting game – at the moment SEGA’s stock price is slumping, and it’s possible that the company is waiting for SEGA’s price to increase before selling out.

“Relations between the two companies have been distant since the death of SEGA Chairman and CSK founder Isao Okawa, who was a strong supporter of SEGA’s business,” IGN adds. Indeed, with SEGA taking as many turbulent knocks as its had over the last couple of years, it will be interesting to see how this new change will affect the future of the company. Fingers crossed!

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