Sonic Secrets Group Plans New Online Event

With the morale of the Sonic Internet Community at an all-time low, things have been taken into action in order to spice things up. First it was SAGE, the Fan Games expo in 2000. Then it was The Sonic Stadium with the Sonic Site Awards in 2001. It’s now 2002, and along with SVTcc we have a new event pop up in the form of SSG.

And why not? Surely we need a little celebration for the things about Sonic we hold so dear? So why not try to make it overkill. Striker of SSG fame – a newcomer to the online events scene – has been talking to The Sonic Stadium about a new festival that may be in the works. Details are scarce, and the event may not even take place (it’s in the planning stages so far), but here’s the official word from Striker.

“Every hacker will have a booth for their work, hack, discovery, etc. This will be mixed with the SSG Awards. There will be several chats, message boards and several other things, I’m also going to try to open a radio station for the event…”

Sounds good, no? After the recent slump in interest for ROM Hacking and the like (SSRG ‘closing down’ was a big blow to Sonic Secret-ists), this may be the kind of morale booster that we need right now. It seems that Striker wants to get the word out that finding secrets in Sonic can be fun – and for that we cannot argue.

Update – 25th November 2002: It seems the project is going ahead sometime soon. A date has not been confirmed, but Striker has kindly offered us some more informtaion in the form of an ‘official’ website. For all the information that you basically read here, and a chance to enter yourself in for the ‘goods’, click here:

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