SSMB UPDATE: I’d Like Your Opinion on This, Guys…

It’s about the ‘Sega Sonic Message Board’ name. First of all, I’m not changing the entire name to something that sounds completely wrong (like the recent ‘South Island Forum’ – blah). But, this community is best known as just ‘SSMB’, they don’t know the ties that this MB has with The Sonic Stadium.

So this is where I need your views. Should I…

  1. Change the name of the ‘board slightly to the Sonic Stadium Message Board – that way people will know the ties it has with my site, and people can still use the abbreviated name ‘SSMB’.
  2. Keep the long name as Sega Sonic Message Board.
  3. Bake a cake *not optional*

Personally, I think I should change the long name to Sonic Stadium Message Board – because that way people who come to this place know about my website, and people who visit my website know about the board. Plus, the age-old name ‘SSMB’ that had been made up by…. god knows who, but now it’s the name that this place has been lovingly branded with – can still be used.

What do you think? How do you eat yours? Etc.

Online Comments: SSMB ezBoard

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